American Sports Medicine Institute

­ This well-maintained site has information relating to sports medicine and rehabilitation, as well as information on the latest research in the field.


The Thrower’s Ten Exercises 

The extremely popular training exercises known as “The Thrower’s Ten” are shown in motion here. An extremely helpful link for those in any sport that requires throwing, this is highly recommended by our physical therapists in most cases.


Bridgeport High School

Home of the Bridgeport Indians, Bridgeport High School is an 800-student public school on Johnson Avenue in Bridgeport. This is their webpage, which also has links to other interesting Bridgeport sites.



Bridgeport PT was the first clinic in West Virginia certified to perform this promising treatment for acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. The ASTYM website offers a lot of very helpful information for patient and health care providers.


Anodyne Therapy

This treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy has resulted in improvement of more than 80% of patients treated at our facility. Visit the Anodyne website for more information.


Myofascial Release

Bridgeport Physical Therapy has offered the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release approach for 20 years. This gentle effect treatment is very effective with both acute and chronic conditions.


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National Lymphedema Network